Woodpecker SC-7C 15 Gauge Snap-Ring Plier, Manual Hog Ring Tool

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Product Description

  • A convenient and productive 15 gauge 3/4-inch crown 7mm closure diameter manual C ring tool.
  • With an auto-feed system like a staple gun to load a strip of hog rings rather than individually by your hand.
  • Muzzle made of high strength alloy steel and clamping buckles perfect. Rubber grips for comfort to eliminate operator’s fatigue.
  • Applications: wire cage, car seat, spring mattress, fencing ect
  • Drives 15 gauge 23.7-24mm Crown Ring Size C-Ring Staples. Capacity: 100pcs

Fasteners' Specificaiton

  • 15 Gauge
  • 3/4-inch Crown 
  • 7mm Closure Diameter

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