meite SC760C 16 Gauge Hog Ring Plier 5/8'' Crown Pneumatic C Ring Tool

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Product Description

  • Easy Loading Process. Ultra Light To Reduce Operator Fatigue
  • Muffler Inside Provides Silent Operation, Includes oil, one adjustment wrenches
  • To be used in wire cage, car seat. spring mattress, bedding, wire connections and so on
  • Fasteners: meite 16 Gauge C Ring Staples Inside Diameter of 3.2-4.8mm
  • This gun has 2 colour: yellow & grey. It will be in random shipment, but not specifying a color.

Fasteners' Specification

  • 15 Gauge
  • 5/8'' Crown
  • Closure Diameter: 3.2-4.8 mm
  • Material: Galvanized, Aluminum, Stainless

SC7C  C-760A