clinch tool clinched tool M66
clipper clinching tool
clipper clinching tool
clipper clinching tool
China-top Silver

Clinching Tool Pneumatic Tool for Pro Clinch & Hartco Clipper for Mattress #M66

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Product Description

  • Light, well balanced, durable design ensures effortless handling
  • Fastest, simplest and most trouble-free main valve in the industry
  • Small contoured handle reduces fatigue, improves comfort and productivity
  • Compatible with meite M66 Clips
  • Application: Mattress, Sofa, Wire Cage, Car Seat ect.

Fasteners' Specificaiton

  • Brand: China-top
  • Date First Available: March 19, 2019
  • Fasteners: W(1/4-Inch), H(9/16-Inch), CROWN(3/4-Inch) clips.
  • Capacity: 37 pcs;

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