Dongya V1015 V Nailer 30 gauge 3/8-inch Crown 1/4'' to 5/8'' Pneumatic Picture Frame Joiner

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Product Description

  • The pneumatic picture framing nailer features gravity cast body of aluminum alloy with a case
  • Safety lock is built to avoid accidental injury
  • Uses 30 gauge V-nails of 7mm,10mm, 12mm, 15mm at diameter of 10.3mm
  • Ideal industrial nailer or picture frame joiner for art or picture framing
  • Buy now get 300 pcs 10mm v nails free in the case

Fasteners' Specificaiton

  • 30 Gauge
  • 3/8 inch crown
  • Fastener diameter: 10.3mm
  • Leg length: 7mm,10mm, 12mm, 15mm

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