Woodpecker C-7CA52 15 Gauge 3/4-Inch 4.8mm Closure Diameter Pneumatic C Ring Tool

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Product Description

  • Industrial 15 gauge 3/4-inch Crown 4.8mm Closure Diameter C ring tool with CE certificate
  • Ergonomic design, symmetrical balance-pull structure effectively reduce wrist and finger fatigue caused by prolonged use
  • Muzzle made of high strength alloy steel, wear-resistant and long service life, and clamping buckles perfect
  • Use 15 gauge 23.7-24mm Crown Ring Size C-Ring Staples
  • Buy now get 400 pieces C ring staples, 1 toolkit and O-ring kit in the carton box

Fasteners' Specificaiton

  • 15 Gauge
  • 3/4-inch Crown 
  • 4.8mm Closure Diameter

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