Woodpecker C-764BT 16 Gauge Hog Ring Plier 1/2-Inch 3.0-4.8mm Closure Diamete

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Product Description

  • Professional industrial grade 16 gauge 1/2-inch Crown 3.0-4.8mm Closure Diameter C ring tool with CE certificate. Function and structure has been upgraded again. Highly recommended to tool fans!
  • The new generation of valve core - MINGHUI VALVE CORE, becomes more powerful, less losses and easier to repair
  • The side plate is replaced with a stainless steel plate without holes, which can prevent the dust effectively and better reflect the texture of the material
  • Self-cleaning function, the most outstanding feature, allows the dust or oil to automatically discharge by the top exhaust. You just need to wipe the oil stain with a tissue to keep clean. There also has a self-lubricating function for the piston pole
  • You can adjust the air pressure by rotating the speed adjusting knob at the side rather than the air compressor. Perfect operation by driving 16 gauge 16.9mm crown ring size C-ring staples, extremely for the stainless steel

Fasteners' Specificaiton

  • 16 Gauge
  • 1/2'' (12.5mm) crown 
  • Ring closure Size: 3.0-4.8mm

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