HB3518 16 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Crown 3/4'' Leg Manual Carton Box Closing Stapler

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  • 16 gauge 1-3/8" crown carton closing stapler
  • 3/4'' (18mm) leg length
  • For Carton Closing Staplers Using 1-3/8" Crown x 5/8" Leg Stick Staples
  • High durability, premium quality
  • 【No Air Compressor Needed】This carton closing stapler does not need to drive with an air compressor, easy to carry and work anywhere
  • 【Light Weight & Easy Operate】Made of magnesium housing to keep light and durable. No difficulties to use and enhance your efficiency
  • 【Works for Cartons in Different Thickness】A adjusting rod allows you to adjust the staples sinking according to the carton thickness. "D" for deep & "S" for shallow. Turn the rod between them to satisfy your need
  • 【Attached Pusher & Staples Puller】Pusher is for automatic feeding. Staples puller is for easily staples removing. Helps you in carton closing and reusing
  • 【Applications】Suitable for all kinds of sealing boxes, cartons, closed corrugated cardboard, specific applications including folding boxes, complete overlap, and more
  • 【What You Get?】➊HB3518 Manual Carton Closing Stapler x 1PCS ➋Staples Pusher x 1 PCS ➌Staples Puller x 1 PCS ➍Tool Kit x 1 Bag ➎Operating Instruction x 1PCS ⑥ Staples x 2 strips

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We take price in our quality and service
Stacey Watson


Just one word about the build quality: Excellent - nothing more to say!

Wilfred Pratt

Music Producer

Exceptional quality and fast shipping. Just what I was looking for.

Erin James


Beautiful craftsmanship as always.

Mabel Parker

Interior Designer

I already had high expectations based on my previous purchases, but I am still above satisfied!

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